Against All Odds

The Against All Odds Ministry was started in 2011 and is led by Twila S. Powell. Ms. Powell coordinates meetings and outings every second Saturday of each month.

The mission of this ministry is to help inspire and empower teenage girls and young ladies (from the ages of 11 to 20) to reach their highest potential in Christ by developing their character, leadership skills, building and enhancing their self-esteem, uplifting and encouraging them to become responsible, productive young Christian women with a purpose.

The purpose is to teach and train young ladies basic life principles in order to make better life long decisions. David prayed in Psalm 144:12…. "That our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace." Through mentoring, we hope to polish these young ladies so that they will recognize their true worth. The ultimate goal is for young ladies to become precious GEMS (God’s Expectations Manifested Supernaturally) that shine for future generations.